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Current address, telephone number, work hours, people's testimonies DNS Automotive. This company belongs to the following categories: establishment and car repair. You can find DNS Automotive at 3/10 Lear Jet Drive, Caboolture, Queensland 4510.


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3/10 Lear Jet Drive, Caboolture, Queensland 4510
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+61 7 5499 4404

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Reviews about DNS Automotive

  • TheAlexandraPorter
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    Daniel is a fantastic mechanic! He has done a great job servicing my cars over the years and my family all use him as well! I highly recommend him to all my friends and family! Thanks Dan for your help over the years !
  • Beau Douran
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    i wouldn't even give them a full star. Please read my reasons. it may be long but could save you a lot of money.
    My Many reasons why:
    1. Tuning by Dan (owner) was horrible. I had several other tuners second opinion and they just laughed. the car ran horribly. 4 or 5 cranks to start.
    2. They broke my wide-band O2 sensor (i have photo evidence of it working moments before my car got towed up to DNS). Dan admitted to me when i picked up the car that it could of got damaged while they left the car on (without the car started) and could of over heated it. REFUSING TO PAY.
    3. they put a Platinum sport Base map for gc8 wrx onto a Haltech Elite 1500. that's like putting iphone 3 software on iphone 6+. it doesnt work. they then told me my car had wiring problems because of this LOL.
    4. they then charged my to "find" these wiring problems in which i got the car back with a fault with my TPS (throttle position sensor) so i have no idea what wiring problems were paid to fix when it came back broken? TPS was intermittent and wouldn't have stopped the car from driving as i drove the car with this problem all the way home and around for 2 days.
    5. My car standard takes 5 liters of oil, as my car is not standard (far from it) it only requires 4 liters WHICH IS INDICATED IF THEY CHECKED THE DIPSTICK!!!!! so they over filled my oil by 1 LITER!! i checked it a couple days after but this could have been catastrophic and potentially rebuild the engine.

    You have been warned. feel free to contact me if you want more info.

    oh and the owner Daniel, thinks hes tough and likes to threaten people when you tell the truth about him and how he runs his business.
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About dnsautomotive.com.au

Mobile Auto Mechanic Shop | Mobile Car Repair Service 5499 4404
DNS Automotive is mechanic shop for mobile auto repair, mobile car mechanics services in Caboolture, servicing all areas from Brisbane to Noosa, Sunshine Coast areas. Mobile Roadworthy | Safety Certificates also available.
clutch repair,break repair, high performance vehicles, mopar mechanic, car services, car tuning

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